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Pricing info

Model prices depend on the complexity of the character at hand; to know exactly how much a model will cost you, you must submit the commission form with an attached reference so I may give you an exact estimate!
(Commission form only available when commissions are opened)
That being said, 1:1 models usually hover around $2500 - $5000 (on average) and might go higher/lower depending on complexity(1:1 models refer to 3D models made as close as possible to the reference material)Animations will be done in Blender and can only be done with models I've made myself. Any reference regarding the animation is welcome here.Prices for animations vary depending on the complexity of the animation, and length, but as a base price point, animation costs $20 per second of animation.
If interested, as 3D animation usually has many moving parts, discussion is needed, don't hesitate to contact me if so!~

What exactly am I getting when I commission a model from you?

Good question!
Here are all the things you get when you do:

  • 1) The 3D Model in fbx format (default 3D model format)

  • 2) It's corresponded textures, texture masks and vertex normal edits

  • 3) The Blender file it was made in, and the Blender files it was rendered in

  • 4) A full Unity Humanoid Body rig

  • 5)VRC blendshapes and the Standard VRM blendshapes, + 10 more full facial emotions separated between eyebrows, eyes, mouth and full face for easy mix and matching, of your choosing or "default", such as sad, happy, angry, etc)

  • 6) IPhone ARKIT Tracking blendshapes!

  • 7) Toggleables such as ears, tails, jackets, and other small accesories (not full outfits) that can be toggled with key presses.

  • 8) Dynamic/Spring bones (for hairs, tails, ears, wings, skirts, etc) for physics within Unity programs (such as VseeFace, VRChat, Etc)

  • 9) SFW Body base (no genitalia/nipples). Rigged and with the same blendshapes as the main model, for other outfits to be easily modelled with.

  • 10) The model converted into VRM format for use in Luppet, VSeeFace and any other VRM compatible programs

  • 11) VRChat UnityPackage for use in... well... VRchat!

  • 12) Full ownership and copyright of the 3D model and all it's elements (except for direct reselling of the 3D Model to a third party, this must be discussed)

  • 13) and HD Renders!


Hello! My name's Ulyses Bain Carames and I'm a freelance 3D modeller that specializes in 3D Anime-Styled Models and animation, both for games and traditional digital media!I'm currently offering 3D Anime character model and animation commissions and work!
For more information on commissions, visit the Commissions tab!

(Showcase of modelling, animation and music technique showcasing a fan animation of Usada Pekora (Hololive))


  • 2+ years experience as a character artist in game development and 3D animation.

  • Exceptional understanding of current gen character creation workflows with the ability to improve upon such characters.

  • Strong skills in Zbrush, Maya, Blender, 3D coat, and Substance Painter

  • Strong Rigging skills, with proficiency in muscle mass and IK functionality

  • Strong sculpting, modelling, texturing and painting skills. Whether it’s PBR, NPR, handpainted or other.

  • Strong animation skills, especially frame-by-frame 2D-like animation translated into 3D, or what is known as "limited-animation" used in traditional 2D anime.

  • Ability to create high quality characters in any style that meet AAA standards always keeping a clean, water-tight, good flowing topology.

  • Excellent working knowledge with Unity and UE4

  • Used to work on tasks autonomously and deliver results in time, always giving timely updates and clear-cut communication.

  • Fluent in English and Spanish (Castilian), both verbally and written. Currently N4 in Japanese.

For examples of my work, please visit my portfolio on ArtStation!:

Or visit my twitter if you prefer!:

Frequently Asked Questions!

"How is the process of getting a commission?"
I will only accept 8 commissions once opened, once they're filled, I won't be able to accept any more until the next time I open, which is every 4 months from when I last opened (the month I'll open next is stated here and on my twitter as well)
If you're accepted, you don't have to deposit anything, you will just be notified directly by me to know you've been chosen, and another time once your turn comes up! (you may choose to forfeit your position at any time as well if you ever change your mind before starting on your commission)If you're not accepted however, please don't take it personally! I simply did not have any more available slots! if I were to accept any more I wouldn't be able to open every 4 months and give another chance to those who I was not able to accept! Please, feel free to send me another form next time I open!I know it's not a perfect method, but it's all I can manage as an individual, I hope you understand!"What are your prices?"
Please check the prices tab for more information!
Do remember that the prices listed there are just an estimate, if you want to know the exact price I need to give you a quote on a specific character you may show me by filling out the commission form!
"Why is it so expensive?"
Given the time it takes to make a single 3D model from scratch, the price is actually justified within the industry! I wouldn't be able to make models as fast as I do, and as many as I do, without said pricing, so it all comes with it's pros! Basically I'm able to get to your model much faster this way as I can work full time on them!
I do understand that my prices may not be for everybody though, and I do apologize if it seems too expensive for your budget; I do try my best to accommodate to as many people as possible so never be afraid to talk to me if that's the case!
Thank you so much for understanding!
"I sent you an email/message, but you haven't responded yet"
I'm so sorry! your message or email may have gotten buried! If I don't answer within a week, Don't hesitate to send me another!
However, if you're asking for a commission, please fill out the Commission Form when available for me to know!
"The character design does not belong to me, can you still make a model of it?"
As long as it belongs to a multimedia franchise (for example, an official anime, a videogame character, etc) I can, as long as you don't resell it or do any devious acts with it, it will be basically counted as fan-art, though you will have the rights to use the 3D Model. (I'll be watching from the shadows, hahaha)
"How often do you update your clients?"
As often as they like! all you gotta do is ask!~
Though I will update you once I hit a milestone in the model anyways!
"How many revisions can I ask, and for how long?"
You may ask for as many revisions as you like!, though, once the rigging process is finalized, you can only ask for minor changes (like fixes and slight modifications).
You may ask for revisions for as long as a month from when the model is finished."When can I expect my model to be made?"
If you're accepted in my current 8 slots, I should be able to start you commission either anywhere between immediately, or in around 3-4 months from accepting you!
"How long does it take to make a model?"
It usually takes around a month from when I start, but it might take a bit longer depending on the complexity of the character, or my current situation; I will let you know if any of these two are the case and if they will impact the speed at which I make models!
"What programs do you use?"
Mostly blender, but I use Zbrush, Substance Painter, Clip Studio Paint and Unity too throughout the whole modelling process!

Contact Me!

You may send me an email at [email protected] or dm me on Twitter directly to contact me for any reason, I'd be more than happy to help with any question you may have!
Commission form only available when my commission status is Open

Commission Status: Closed

Commissions Terms of Service
↓ And Rules ↓

  • Full rights and ownership to the commissioned model, whether for Personal or Commercial use, no restrictions applied. (Except re-selling said model in any form, discussion must be had if so).

  • NDA approved, if you don't want me to talk about your project or upload images of your character in my online portfolio, or others, I won't; but the price will be risen slightly if that's the case.

  • Payment must be done through Paypal's Invoice system, if you're not aware of how it works, please send me a message and I'll be more than happy to oblige in letting you know how it works! (If you're representing for a company, a contract and custom invoice is also accepted)

  • Upfront payment of at least half of the full price model must be deposited right before the start of the modelling process, and the other half once the model is completed. This is to avoid scams. Once the price is paid in full, I will send all of your files asap (If you're representing for a company, this can be arranged to the company's preferred method)

  • No NSFW or "Child-Coded" characters that will be streamed within NSFW or "adult" environments. Child-coded characters will only be elligible to be chosen if they will be strictly used within PG environments.

  • Getting into the queue is absolutely free! all you need to do is fill out the commission form so I can get back to you and give you a quote, Once you're alright with the price I'll gladly add you to the queue once/if chosen!

  • To ensure trust though, I'll send consistent updates once a milestone is achieved in the process of the model if wanted, and you will be able to ask for as many updates as you like throughout the whole process.

  • It usually takes around 1-3 months to complete the model once the process has started. This may very depending on the complexity of the model, or my current situation, but I will let you know if any of these two are the case. Please let me know if you need it at a specific time or earlier than stated above however!

  • Revisions are always welcome! even after sending the model through and completely paying for it, although after the rigging stage, only small revisions can be done. The earlier it's revised, the bigger the changes I can make!

  • Revision period is locked to a month from when the model's process started. No more revisions can be asked after that.

  • Drawn references for the character wanted are highly recommended and prioritized, but if not possible, online images and a description of what the character should look like is enough to start working on it. (Be advised, if done this way, the results will vary more and the model may or may not be exactly what you expected as there was no clear reference to start with)

  • I will follow the reference you give me as close as possible; once I start, you cannot give me any new references to follow; you may only do this for small tweaks however.

  • If you have a drawn reference for an anime character, but would prefer me doing a different anime style, please let me know before starting and I will gladly adapt the character to the style you want! (Within my capabilities, I will let you know if I feel I'm not well versed in the style you'd like.) Do note that this might give "unexpected" results as I'm not following a hard reference.